First Post- Forgive Me

So I know I’m a little late to the “blogging” scene, but after kicking myself this past summer for not creating a blog for my Asia adventure, I decided to create one for future (and past) travels to help me work on my writing and photography.  I’m thinking of posting some old travel stories and pics while I prepare for my upcoming trip to Arizona and California.  I always get “itchy feet” this time of the year, as I begin to plan my summer adventures and though I won’t be away the whole summer, a couple of weeks will do just fine.

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  1. Hey Allison:
    Thanks so much for sending this, Steve and I had gone to Arizona about 10 years ago and though we didn’t hike as you did (after hearing about your experiences I’m so sorry I didn’t try), it brought back so many great memories. There really are no words to describe how magnificent that part of our country is.
    I spoke to Jeannie the other day and told her to send her email to me. I am going to send her the link, she is going to love it.
    Hope you are doing well and please keep us up to date with pictures and comments on all your travels.
    Mary Ann

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