I’m in love with Red Rocks!

This is my 3rd and final day in Sedona. It has been such an amazing trip so far, starting with the roadside joint we stopped at on our way driving up from Phoenicia.
This place offered great food and reasonable prices and with an ambiance that gives you a rude awakening to the wild west and the sudden realization that we are thousands of miles from New York.
After a short rest and some much needed food, we set off on the road again and headed towards Sedona. Arriving in Sedona from Highway 89 North has to be one of the most majestic drives one has ever seen. This being my third time to Sedona I didn’t expect to feel the awe and wonder that accompanies one when they encounter such beauty at such a grand scale; I was wrong. Dumbfounded by how illuminating the red rocks were as they tower out from the side of the road, we pulled over and positioned ourselves as sitting ducks so we could take a few snapshots, not realizing 50 feet later there would be a scenic overlook parking lot, followed by another, and another. As we continued to snap away and dive another 100 or so feet and pull over, and snap away, and so on and so on, I was reminded of what drove me to appreciate the West so much.
After much picture taking, we finally arrived at our hotel; the Amara Resort and Spa located in uptown Sedona along Oak Creek. Though not the usual type of place I would stay in, the place was a welcome respite from the hostels and rundown hotels I usually wind up in. We headed out for the night, first to catch the sun set and then to grab something to eat and I was once again reminded of how there is no night life in Sedona whatsoever. After checking out many restaurants we wound up at the Taos Cantina where I had some yummy Mexican street tacos washed down with a glass of red wine.
Great first night in Sedona!

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  1. Amara Resort says:

    Thank you for staying with us! We hope your Arizona vacation was a relaxing escape from home!

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