Money Isn’t Everything…

St. Peter’s Cathedral
Lake Geneva

..Unless you have a layover in Geneva. Seriously, it cost me $6 alone just to use the bathroom throughout the day. But this was inconsequential, I had a fantastic day in this great little city. Arriving at the airport by 930am, I made my way to the train station that is located in the airport and managed to get on the right train! It takes 7 minutes to get from the airport to the city center- however, if you wind up on the wrong train you could wind up in France. Another girl who was moving to Germany struck up a conversation with me, turns out her mom was from West Islip- small world.
The train arrives at Gare de Carvin which is but a short walk down to the lake and the old city. I emerged from the train station to find French cafes, restuarants, boutiques, and of course, your token souvenir shops. I decided to walk over the river to the Left Bank and explore the Old Town (Vielle Ville). It was delightful. Narrow, cobble stone streets filled with antique stores, bookshops, restuarants, and art galleries. It was 1030am by the time I set out on foot, yet this part of the city looked like it was just awakening. It had a sleepy, quiet feel to it where all you heard were the sounds of church bells and birds chirping. I stopped for a café and croissant at the Restaurant Sans Alcool then made my way back to the Right bank to take an hour boat cruise around Lake Geneva. After the cruise I made my way back into the Old Town and visited St. Peter’s Cathedral which became a Protestant Church in 1536 after the people of Geneva voted. After exploring the cathedral I treated myself to a somewhat fancy lunch in a French Restaurant washed down with a glass of Bourdeoux. There are worse ways to spend a layover…. There are less expensive ones too.

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