It’s all about Seoul

Okay, able to add pictures


Warning- I am having a hard time uploading pictures- I will repost this when I can with pictures.

I have been in Korea for four days and still have yet to get overcome this jetlag…it’s 4am right now, so I figured I would use my time lying awake to catch up on my blog.  In only four short days I have learned so much about Korean history, art, culture, and perhaps most importantly, Korean values. Korean society and values are made up of a complex network of beliefs that have shifted over time and, as in many other places around the world, are continuously being challenged by economic and political developments.
The first night we arrived here, we were left to our own devices to go find dinner. We’re staying in the Mapo section of town, that sits just on the outskirts of downtown, central Seoul. A bunch of us ventured into the neighborhood just behind the hotel…

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